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Windmills & Wind Power Programs

All Windmills & Wind Power Programs


Our Mission for every Wind Energy program is to turn an educational exercise into an engaging, creative, learning experience.    Wind Energy is a true non polluting, renewable form of energy and it is in the news everyday both for land-based and offshore wind farms.


Note that in our presentation we use the term “windmills” and “wind turbines”

interchangeably because , while our structures represent Wind Turbines they differ in appearance.  This does not impact the effectiveness of the educational aspects of this program and it enhances the young participant’s creativity when building.  Our goal is total engagement.


As you will see, these programs are a perfect fit for STEM and STEAM curricula in schools.


We have developed a fast paced, super creative,  2  hour program using 100,000 LEGO building blocks.  Up to 50 teams, usually two per team, or family teams of up to 4 people will each build a windmill per team.  The windmills incorporate color, pattern, and are encouraged to be really creative.  We do this so that everyone becomes totally engaged with their creation and they take ownership in what they build.  They usually get to be 2-3 feet tall.  With 15 minutes remaining we roll out a 30 foot x 20 foot map.  The map could be The State of Texas, or any other state, a map of the entire US, or the East Coast Atlantic Continental Shelf.  We have created huge full color maps, upon which the participants place their windmill creations.  We then talk about Wind Energy for 15 minutes giving the history and the statistics for that particular focus of the program.   We have found because of the participants “ownership” of their creation that they listen more attentively and retention of what we teach is literally off the charts.  They listen and they retain.  It is an amazing learning experience. 


The purpose of our Wind Energy program is to:


  • Start people thinking about Wind Energy

  • Promote an engaging, creative way for us to introduce scientific facts on Wind Energy

  • Promote teamwork and encourage people to work together

  • Satisfy the STEM and STEAM curricula requirements.

  • Speak about land-based and offshore Wind Energy solutions and how it works so efficiently

  • In general educate about renewable, clean, pollutant free energy


The program is equally adaptable to 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students and/or Adult Team Building programs.


In general we can speak about the proliferation of Texas windmills specifically, or we can speak about any other state or area of land based windmills. Or, we can speak about OffShore windmills from Boston to Baltimore and everything in between.

We have completed programs in El Paso,TX, New Bedford MA, Ocean City MD, Watermill NY and many schools. Our programs have been in community centers, public and private schools, military bases, as well as museums.  

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