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Building Historic Philadelphia





The AIA National Convention will be held in Philadelphia May 2016, and Building Blocks Workshops is preparing a new program to engage the 18,000 architects who will be attending the convention.


The program will encompass the Philadelphia Historic District along the Delaware River at Penn’s landing. We will document 50 historic buildings to be part of the program. Each participating team or family will be given a photo of a building along with the building footprint.  They will have about 2 hours to build their selected building using our 70,000 LEGO building blocks. 



We will then place all of the building models on a 30 foot x 20 foot map of “Historic Philadelphia”, and we will use the finished models to discuss “Historic Philadelphia”, the capitol of our country from 1790- 1800. This program can lead right into our Washington DC program.








Building Historic Philadelphia

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