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Catholic Programs

This is one of the most dynamic ways to learn about historical Catholic subjects.  We use highly detailed 400 sf maps to present every detail “to scale” so that participants will be able to visualize the exact shape and orientation of every thing they build. We find that everyone becomes totally “engaged” in the building process and therefore they also become engaged in the “educational” process.  Learning about Vatican City or Jerusalem using the model as a teaching tool is more powerful then reading about it. We use 100,000 LEGO Building Blocks and up to 150 participants to bring these programs to life in just 2 hours.

Our Catholic Programs


Imagine the visual impact of having 150 participants working together for 2 hours to build a 400 sf model of Vatican City using 100,000 LEGO Building Blocks. The excitement of building St Peter’s Basilica and St Peter’s Square, the walls around the City, the Sistine Chapel and many many more buildings. Even the Papal Helicopter flies in to the Vatican City Heliport during the program.


We can work with as many as 150 students or 50 families at one time. Everyone will be totally engaged building the 400 square foot model at a frenetic pace.  When the model is complete we will discuss the history and structures of Vatican City. This truly is a true learning experience. Programs have been done at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child in Summit, NJ, Saint Assisi School in Baltimore, and St. Agnes in Naples, Florida.  Yes we do travel.


Building a 400 sf Model of Jerusalem for 2 hours using 70,000 LEGO Blocks.  We build all the walls, the gates, and Church of the Holy Sepluchre, and many other important elements of this 3000 year old city.  We also build and discuss the 14 Stations of the Cross as well as other historical facts.


The fact that there is a Via Dolorosa on our map gives testament to the 2000 year old story that we actually build.

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