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Building Washington D.C.

Building Washington, D.C.

This program is intended to teach the history and design of Washington DC by having the participants build replicas of each of the 50 designated buildings, and then placing them on our highly detailed giant map.


The program is a great “Team” building program with up to 50 families each working as a team, or 50 student teams each with 2-3 students per team.


Each program is exactly 2 hours, which includes a 15 minute educational component reviewing the history & design of the city.


The program uses 100,000 LEGO Building Bricks with each team given a photo and the footprint of one of 50 buildings.  They have 1 hour 45 minutes to build that building.


When each building is finished it is put onto our 32’ x 16’ giant map of Washington DC, from the White House to Jefferson Memorial, and from the Capital to the Lincoln Memorial.


Each building is put in its actual location and you have an incredible aerial view, which we then use as our teaching tool to explain the design and history of Washington DC.


At the conclusion of the program we give each family an “Architectural Treasure Hunt Map” indicating the exact location of the buildings and facts about the Architectural importance such as year of construction, Architect and style.  We encourage you to go to Washington DC as a family and find the actual buildings.

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