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Architectural Heritage Community Workshops

Building Blocks Workshops conducts programs using Lego® building blocks as a fun event for children and their parents to learn about he architectural heritage of their community.


Each program is a 2 Hour, fast paced, hands on, model building experience using over 100,000 Lego® building blocks.


Our Historic Community Programs



Stephen W. Schwartz AIA, Architect, orchestrates each program with the following:

  • Surveys and identities the local architecture of historic, civic and municipal, houses of worship, schools, retail, and other buildings.

  • Photographs 50 significant local buildings for each team or family to use in a model building experience.

  • Assembles a history on each building.

  • Organizes an “Architectural Treasure Hunt” of all the buildings as a pre or post event activity.

  • Prepares a 600 square foot drawing of the entire Historic District or Downtown area.

  • Every child receives a certificate of participation.

The program is planned to support the local historical society, historic district, or other civic organizations.

There can be 75-150 Participants in each program

The goal of this program is to make the community aware of its Historic Architectural Heritage.Too often people are simply not aware of the character and historical significance of their own community.


First we must determine if a particular community has the Historical character needed for the program. As an example we have done programs for Montclair, NJ; Morristown, NJ; Summit, NJ; Glen Ridge, NJ; Kearny, NJ; Stony brook, NY; and we plan to develop programs for more towns such as Westport, CT: Doylestown, PA; & Princeton, NJ.


There are a multitude of historic towns and we would be pleased to work with you to identify towns that have potential.


Usually we work directly with the local Historical Society to identify historical buildings such as train stations, churches, schools, commercial buildings, residences, or civic buildings (post office, library, City Hall). This is developed into a program where each family team will build a building


We also develop a huge map 30 ft x 20 ft, which will have enough space to place all of the finished models in their exact location on the map. Then you have an amazing aerial view of your town.


At the conclusion of the program we give each family an “Architectural Treasure Hunt Map” showing the exact location and architectural facts of each building in the program. The intention is that you will then go around town “as a family” and find the real buildings.

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