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Warsaw Ghetto

Warsaw Ghetto Projects

The challenge of this program is to present it to children with the intention of stressing the heroics of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The participants will be working on a drawing 17 feet by 19 feet of a map showing every single street and city block in the Ghetto with the actual Polish street names. The location of key buildings are indicated and will be part of the construction. 18 Mila Street where the “uprising” was based, the home of Emanuel Ringeblum the person who actually documented the uprising and life in the Ghetto, the Great Synagogue, the ORT headquarters, the Orphanage, the Pawiak prison, and of course the entire wall around the large and small Ghetto as well as the Jewish Cemetery. This is purely an education experience and we can assure you the participants are eager for further reading about the Warsaw Ghetto from books and the internet. This program can be very appropriate at Yom Hashoa. We also share the life of Nessa Ben Asher, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, who now lives in New Jersey and when able Nessa attends the program.
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