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The Ward Melville Heritage Organization
Stony Brook, New York
Tarah Sabbatino, Director
Educational & Cultural Center
“On behalf of Gloria D. Rocchio, President of the Ward Melvill Heritage Organization, and the entire staff of the educational and Cultural Center, we offer sincere thanks for the time and energy you put into Building Blocks Workshops. It was a wonderful experience for all of the families who participated! Building Blocks Workshops was a true success and one that this community will be talking about for years to come”.

Michelle Steinhart

Director of K-6 Education programs

Temple Israel Center

White Plains, NY


It was a morning of learning, laughter and fun.  Your organization, patience and ability to explain to the learners what todo and motivate them and work with them to create Jerusalem was mind-blowing.  Each child was engaged and proud of their contribution to the finished product.  Not only did you teach the children all about the final product and amazing fact about Jerusalem but you taught them the important life lesson of what people can accomplish when they work together.  Thank you so much for this incredible morning !  We can not thank you enough.  You have truly been a pleasure to work with.



Rachel Shar

Program Director

Camp Shoresh

Between Baltimore and Washington DC


WOW ! That program was everything you promised and more.  Your LEGO program brought together about 200 campers from all diverse ages and backgrounds and gave them one shared common and creative goal.  they worked for almost 2 solid hours and when the time was up, many of them could have kept going.  Adamstown MD is a far drive from Livingston NJ, but I hope it is a trip you would be willing to make again in the future.  Thank you for coming and teaching us, sharing your LEGO and you expertise, and giving us the springboard to have a meaningful Tisha Ba'Av conversation with our campers.  


Shelley Kreiger

Head of School Merkaz

Senior Citizens Home program

Bridgeport, CT


Thank you so much for facilitating Tuesday night.  We were so delighted with the program.  We are hoping you are available to do a Yom Haatzmaut program for us. 

(This program was conducted for about 50 seniors, many in wheel chairs and walkers who were helped by 25 high school students who helped the seniors to Try and Build the Worlds Tallest LEGO Menorah). The feedback overnight and this morning has been fabulous from both the kids, the residents and parents.  What a special night !


Amy Deutsch

Director of the Religious School

Temple Ohabei Shalom

Boston, MA


Our LEGO Menorah event was the first time we had families back in the building since the Pandemic began in 2020, and it was a great way to bring people together.  Kids worked as teams, parents helped envision patterns and plan out the steps of the project, and our collective creation was incredible.  At the end of the day, everyone felt so proud of what they'd created.  Stephen and Bunny helped us to make magic.  Parents loved having something that got them out of the house, and where they could work together with their kids.  Kids were so excited about making a Menorah that practically touched the ceiling.  And the sense of pride in the communal Menorah was palpable !  It was truly an incredible day.  We were so grateful for such an amazing experience.


Merav Sternthal

Directer of Integrated Jewish Learning

The Shlenker School

Houston, TX


Thank you for bringing the LEGO Menorah to our school.  The students really enjoyed the activity and already asked if we can do it again next year.


R. Gottlieb

Beren Academy

Houston, TX


It is amazing to see students working together so well in teams- this is so beneficial to SEL (social emotional learning).  There is so much going on in one room, STEM, design/art, forward planning, team building - it's amazing!

Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
Lisa Klein, Assistant Director
Bureau of Jewish Education
“ Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations of the Building Blocks Workshops. I knew when I first heard about your programs that this would be a very special opportunity for our community, and my expectations were fulfilled and beyond!!! I am so glad that we were able to bring you to Houston and that you were able to present to so many different parts of our community. I have heard wonderful feedback from the schools. They have said the students gained a good knowledge about Jerusalem and also learned the value of teamwork. They also mentioned that it looked like you were having as much fun as the students!!”
Rabbi Neal I. Borovitz
Temple Sholom
River Edge, NJ
“Saying thank you can hardly express my level of appreciation for your amazing program of “Building Jerusalem One LEGO at a Time.” Last Saturday afternoon you were able to hold the attention and truly inspire the more than 150 people, ranging in age from 3 to 80, who participated with you in building Jerusalem. As you led us to connecting LEGOS to build Jerusalem of the second temple period, you also created an atmosphere through which we built new connections among our families and across generations. Moreover, you not only helped our families link themselves more closely to each other, but also helped us link people to Jerusalem. The program continues to be the talk of our community and those who missed it have actually asked me when we are going to repeat it. I do plan to have you return to do this program again, and also as I said to you last Saturday hope to arrange for you to bring your Warsaw Ghetto LEGO program to our teen community”
Temple Sinai Religious School
Summit, NJ
Patti Kahn, Director of Education
“Our grade 3rd, 4th, and 5th families had a ball building Jerusalem out of LEGO. Your scale map of Yerushalayim’s Old City was amazing and our families were easily able to follow your instructions. It was so emotionally rewarding to watch parents and children working together on the floor, with great intention to reproduce our beloved city. ...Building the city was the best motivation for a history/geography/cultural lesson that I have ever experienced in 31 years of Jewish Education!”
Rabbi Moshe Y. Markowitz
Inspiration Express
Baltimore, Maryland
“ On behalf of the Board, staff and recipients of Inspiration Express programming, I would like to express my gratitude to you for participating in our inaugural publicity event, Chanukah Under Water\Kiruv Showcase at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. This event was a success beyond anyone’s expectations. We had almost 3,200 people participating and the positive feedback has been phenomenal. Guests loved the shows and we had a great deal of positive feedback about the LEGO Menorah”.
Rabbi Mark Fasman
Shaare Zedek Synogogue
St Louis, MO
What a marvelous program you brought to Shaare Zedek Yesterday! We thought it would be very good, but it exceeded our expectations. Not only did we have a terrific turnout, but everyone was able to participate in some way. You spoke beautifully about the Warsaw Ghetto in morning and Jerusalem in the afternoon. I thought you really set the mood and taught both children and adults something very important about each location. Of course, the real power of the day was in the building itself: all of those families, and teenagers, and solo adults, working in teams and alone to build the walls and the structures of such important places in Jewish history and identity. I cannot think of a more visceral way to teach the importance of each of these two places. You touched the lives of more than two hundred adults and children yesterday”
Congregation Beth El
Bennington, Vermont
Rabbi Howard Cohen
“ Thank You!!! We had a brilliant time constructing the Old City of Jerusalem out of your thousands of LEGOS. Your program is delightfully creative, deceptively educational and exceedingly fun. Everyone, from one of the journalists who reported on your visit to the youngest child participating, learned something new about ancient Jerusalem.”


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